Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

Wonderful Christmas

Well, once again, Christmas has come and gone. Christmas for us is an unusually calm and laid back time of year.

We celebrated with my brothers and their families on December 16th. We had a fun time! This year we skipped the kids' gift exchange and played dirty bingo instead. Of course, Aunt Jenny couldn't help herself and bought the girls each a gift! The kids had a great time making gingerbread houses from graham crackers.

Christmas weekend was very low key for us, with no extended family get togethers, we got to just hang out together. We even braved the stores together on Dec 24th, walked the mall and finished our morning out with lunch at a pizza buffet. Last year I started a tradition of buying the girls matching PJs and letting them open them on Christmas eve. We continued that tradition this year.

Christmas day was fun with the girls. After I put a batch of PANAKUCHEN in the oven, we opened gifts. We sat and ate breakfast and I was amazed that Regan had completely forgot about her stocking! So we finished the gift giving after eating breakfast.

It was an Elmo and Disney Princess Christmas. We bought Regan Belle shoes, Princess book w/magnadoodle and a Disney Mix/max (to share with Sage, for housing all their music), and a Digital Arts and Crafts Studio from Mima V. In her stocking was underwear :) - which we are still at an age to think is fun!, sippy cup, M&Ms chapstick, gum and candy necklaces. She also opened the rest of her gift from Gma and Gpa B - some grandma pants for Scruffie and some beads.

Sage got Elmo DVDs, Elmo book/w magnadoodle, Little People nativity set from Mima V. In her stocking were Elmo crackers, safety suckers and a sippy cup. She also got grandma pants for her animals and some play-doh tools from Gma and Gpa B.

Paul had arranged to give me a wonderful surprise for Christmas...a new iMac computer. After ruining his surprise, having some mis-dealings with the local Mac dealer, lots of research and much prayerful contemplation...we are ending up with a pimped out PC, complete with my dream software - Photoshop. After much a-do, I am VERY excited with what we are ending up with and have great peace about the decision.

When all was said and done, we were thankful for another wonderful, blessed holiday season where we can enjoy time together and remember the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. After the gifts are used and have lost their appeal, after the lights and decorations are tucked in their boxes, after our schedule returns to its normal busy routine...we will still have and cherish that most precious gift of all...a promise of eternal life because God sent His Son to be born and to later die for us. That is our true gift of Christmas! We hope and pray that you too have received the only gift that really matters!!

10 Blessings this past week....

It has been a week since Paul left for Kansas to go hunting. When he is gone, it gives me new respect and compassion for single moms! Here are 10 blessings from this past week:

10 - The girls and I are all still alive :)
9 - Sage is learning to sleep in her bed in Regan's room for the first time and it is going pretty good!
8 - We were all able to go to church yesterday for the entire morning, both services (because I had to sing)! We had not gone in a month due to different illnesses.
7 - Everyone has stayed healthy, with the exception of minor lingering cold symptoms.
6 - The Lord spoke to me through His word when I needed some comforting on an issue, using Psalm119 for the second time this month
5 - The girls and I are still alive :)
4 - I have not had to cook a 'real' meal in a week! We have had waffles 3 of the 7 nights and my girls think I am a hero!!!
3 - The house is not completely falling to pieces, a little messier than usual, but that's OK!
2 -We have stayed warm - yes, I have even remembered to keep the pellet stove 'fed'!!! (so much nicer than wood!!)
1 - We only have 3 more days until daddy returns...YEAH!!!