Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

Summer Fun

Summer, at last! This is why we endure the sometimes long Michigan winters. This is why we (well, Paul mostly) do(es) the upkeep on the pond. This is pure joy. :D

What is your favorite part of summer?


So, the girls have still been on a Pippi Longstocking kick. I found one version of the movie on Netflix, and they have watched it three times in the last week. There is a scene in the movie where Pippi and the neighbor kids scrub her house floors by dancing around with scrub brushes attached to their feet. Every time we watch the movie, the girls ask 'can we do that sometime?'. Every time they ask, I think of a friend of mine who had her sons 'maxi-mop' her kitchen floor (before they were old enough to know what was attached to their!).

Today, I pulled my rug out the kitchen and the floors were terribly dusty and needed a good cleaning. I figured it would be a great time to let the girls have some fun! :D

Regan wants to know if they can do this every week!

Life with Girls

Conversation at our house this morning:

Regan: Mommy, I don't have any comfy shorts to wear today.

Mommy: Why don't you wear your white pair?

Regan: Those aren't shorts, they are capris.

Mommy: O...K...why don't you wear the comfy Land's End dress? 
You know, the one you picked out last fall and have pretty much never worn?

Regan: I don't like that dress. I don't like dresses anymore.

Approximately five minutes later:

Regan: I'm wearing leggings with the dress.

Mommy: That's fine. It looks great!

Regan: This dress is really comfy. 
When can we buy me some more comfy dresses, Mommy?
I really like this comfy dress!

Heaven help me! LOL! :D

A Weekend of Celebrating

We had a very fun filled three days this weekend. Friday, the girls and I kicked things off by bringing lunch to my parents. It was their 50th wedding anniversary! We had a nice time eating and visiting and had great weather for hanging out for a bit.

The girls and I headed back home mid-afternoon to get ready for a graduation open house Friday evening and to pack/prepare to leave Saturday morning to spend the rest of the weekend with my big brother and his family.

We hit the road at a fairly reasonable time on Saturday morning. We were able to stop and pick 30+ pounds of strawberries, before getting to the cottage around noon. Mom and Dad joined us for part of the afternoon and evening so we could all celebrate their anniversary. We ate a fabulous dinner together at Sam's Joint, then stuffed ourselves with some cake back at the cottage. :) Aunt Jenny also doted on Regan a bit with a belated birthday cake and gifts.

Sunday, we celebrated father's day, making sure our wonderful daddy enjoyed his day. The weather was perfect and the boys (Paul, Uncle Terry, and Dustin) were able to get some morning fishing in. We had a nice brunch together and spend the rest of the day on Uncle Terry's new pontoon boat. We finished our day with a fish fry before heading back home exhausted, but extremely grateful for the wonderful weekend.

Pippi and Annika

During the last week of school, Regan had the pleasure of reading about Pippi Longstocking. While I have heard of this cute character with the braids that stick out, I confess to not really knowing much else about her. Regan has spent the last week 'educating' me on the mis-adventures of Miss Pippi.

Today, the girls decided to dress up as Pippi and Annika. Regan rummaged through her clothes and found the best suitable 'brown' dress. We haven't quite figured out how to make braids that stick out, but she came up with the idea of wrapping her ponytails in a dozen or so colorful hair ties. :) She dotted her cheeks with some brown freckles and made herself a paper Mr. Nilsson (the little monkey) to attach to her shoulder.

Sage was assigned the role of Annika. Donning one of Regan's t-shirts as a dress, she set out to adding her own freckles to her a much more colorful and plentiful fashion! :D

After finishing their costumes, they had fun role playing some of the scenes from the story. As I was prepping dinner, I was informed that I, 'the mommy', was already in heaven and the two girls were on a boat searching for Pippi's father.

What are your kiddos up to this summer? Anything fun?