Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

I heart faces - silhouettes

This is what makes enduring the long Michigan winters worth while...

Paul, Sage (on daddy's shoulders) and Regan enjoying a great West Michigan Sunset at Holland State Park.

I took this picture on Memorial Day, not knowing anything about the I heart faces challenge. My Launa told me about the silhouettes contest this week, so, I thought it would be fun to enter this picture!! Check out I heart faces for all the other great entries!

Thanks for looking!

Learning is fun!

I have been having a ball since last weekends photography workshop! We were introduced to Lightroom, an Adobe software for editing photos. My friend and teacher, Debbie, designs 'presets' for it and was giving one away this week called 'The Dude'. I applied it a picture I took of Regan this week and love the effect.

I wasn't planning on buying anymore software any time soon, but I am thinking after my 30 day trial is up, I might just be a little addicted to Lightroom!

Photography Workshop

I had the privilege of attending a photography workshop this weekend in Ann Arbor. The teacher was Debbie Layden, a friend I have 'met' through ScrapGirls. She is a fabulous photographer and teacher. I had a great time and learned lots of new things!

Sage has been my 'subject' the last two days and has been fairly cooperative in letting me play. Of course, the first day she thought she was prolonging her nap and the second day she was 'paid' with m&ms!! LOL!

These are a couple of my favorites from today. Yes, she has a bandaid on her chin! She fell on the playground. :) I am sure there is a way to photoshop it out, but I think it's kind of cute!

The cost

of a few priceless photos? ...a handful of m&m's. :) Sometimes bribery works!!

We went to Fredrik Meijer Gardens Sunday. The natural lighting in one of the barns is just fantastic, but the girls weren't very excited about posing for a picture. Fortunately, for me, they really wanted some more trail mix, especially the m&ms!! :)

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail

No, I am not talking about the postman! I am talking about our girls and their bikes! :) They love to be outside and love to ride their bikes. The warm weather photos here are from april and the winter one is from January.

Paul has started working with Regan on riding a two wheel bike. She has a pretty good grasp of what to do and was making good progress the other night. Then, on the second night, she fell and got something in her eye. That has put the brakes on wanting to try any more this week. Her body is ready to do if we can just convince her mind of that!!

It has been pretty wet here lately, with a day or two of sunshine mixed in. I guess it's better than snow and at least gives hope that warmer days are ahead!!

Hope your days are filled with Sonshine!