Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

The things we take for granted...

We had a reminder tonight of the things we take for granted. When the girls and I came home from
VBS tonight, the power was out. It was about 9:00 pm and everyone was definitely ready for bed, which didn't help the situation.

Meltdown #1 - no ice cream for bedtime snack, because the freezer cannot be opened. Try explaining that to a 4 year old! Her alternate choice? Popsicle, again a no.

Meltdown #2 - I can't sleep without my night light in my bed! and no, you can't bring one of the candles in your bed!

Meltdown #3 - I can't find my pajamas in the dark!

Meltdown #4 - I can't find scruffie in the dark!

Meltdown #5 - no you can't have your little 2" flashlight in bed, because it is currently the only flashlight mommy and daddy can find!

After some hugs, soothing words, finding scruffie, borrowing Sage's glow bear, devotional, prayers...I thought Regan was ready and calm enough to actually go to sleep.

Meltdown #6 - Glow bear isn't working, needs new batteries.

While I was putting the batteries in glow bear, the oven beeped, and yes, the power was back on. This knowledge had instant power to change one four year old's perspective instantly.

Back to bed (skipping the whole way, grin from ear to ear), "Sage can have glow bear back", one more prayer - Mommy "Thank you Jesus...", Regan "...for turning the power on!"

Good night!!

Sage was deprived her night cap of cold milk, but was so exhausted, she didn't miss it.

Sometimes it's good to have these little reminders of the things we take for granted everyday. We are so used to all of our creature comforts that we feel we are entitled to, we forget how many people live without them everyday.