Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

A little about Sage...

Sage will be 21 months this Friday and it is hard for me to believe she is almost two!! She is developing quite the personality and this is an age that I just love.

Her vocabulary is really starting to expand! I don't quite know how to type things the say SHE says them, but her words right now include: apple, juice, water, ice, eyes, button (as in belly), nose, banana, cracker, cookie, grapes, sticker, kitty, OW!, poo-poo, coat, cold, arf!, roar, elephant, giraffe, and just about any character on Sesame Street!!!...oh, and my favorite 'wuv ew!' (love you!)

Our daily routine starts with me waking her up, most days, at 8:00. When I walk in the room, she says 'dada', I reply "dada's at work", "bu ba", "yes, he's bye-bye", "NA-NA", "Regan is down stairs", "pooh", "no, pooh has to stay in bed", "baba", "no blankey stays in bed too!",she clucks to tell me her drink is gone, "yes, we will get more drink downstairs", I change her diaper and we head down for breakfast.

Once we are downstairs, she climbs in her chair and attempts to buckle herself in. If she can't get her buckles done, she voices her displeasure, and there is no eating without buckling in...she is a little OCD about this!! We have our breakfast, usually cereal, and go about our day.

When bedtime comes, it is time for 'caca', some crackers. When snack is done, we pour a cup of milk and she willingly heads up the stairs. After diaper change and PJs, we lay her in bed, put pink pooh in one arm, blue pooh in the other, hand her her drink, cover her with her blankie and exchange "wuv ew's". It puts a smile on my face everytime!!

Her sleeping has been much better! She has not woke up and cried extensively for over a month. When I hear her wake now, she wimpers and stirs a little, but seems to know how to put herself back to sleep now.

Despite the drama that she can put on when being told 'NO' or when she doesn't get her way or when she has to share Mommy with sister, she is a good kid and this is a fun age. Her smile can still light up a room and melt your heart. She can make even the grumpiest mommy laugh and smile when she covers her eyes and pretends to count as the 'seeker' in her game of hide and seek.

What a blessing it is to be her mom!!