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We survived Halloween!

I wasn't sure if either of the girls were going to end up trick or treating or not this year! The challenges with Regan began already on Thursday, as we were 'discussing' what she was going to wear for a costume, to school the next day and out for trick or treating at night. Let's just say the conversations involved lots of whining and complaining about needing a warm enough costume and what was 'acceptable' princess attire (in the eyes of a five year old). After warnings about skipping the holiday all together, we resolved that a nice white sweater would be suitable for Cinderella to wear over her dress.

Once that was resolved, there was an attempt to begin having conversations about what Sage was going to wear, in order to be warm enough...these conversations were short lived and also accompanied by warnings of how we could just skip the festivities all together.

Regan had a great time at school. They all dressed up and had a parade outside. The Michigan weather was quite cooperative this year, with sunshine and fifty degree temperatures. Good thing too, since I am certain Cinderella probably would not have been happy about wearing a hat and mittens! LOL! Each class had a party in their rooms, with games and cupcakes and candy. Lots of fun.

The little kid nearly lost her trick or treating privileges by refusing to eat and having a major two year old attitude about it. After about 45 minutes with lots of crying, kicking, screaming, time-outs, etc....she realized we weren't relenting and decided to eat.

By the time all of this was done, we did actually manage to head out, with smiling faces and had a good time collecting candy in the neighborhood near us. Sage provided quite the entertainment, running from house to house in her giraffe costume, sometimes yelling 'hear comes the giraffe!'. She learned very quickly that a simple 'trick or treat' got candy in her bucket. I asked her if the M&Ms were for which I got a resounding 'NO!'. Later, when she got some skittles, she held them tightly to her chest and said 'Mommy, I got skittles...all for myself!' After giving daddy one her twix candy bars, she was very quick to let us know that 'I am all done sharing!'.

The girls were allowed to have two things from their stash for bedtime snack and the rest was put in containers for later (and for mommy and daddy to secretly raid!). Regan has been warned that any requests for a piece of candy will be rewarded with Mommy or Daddy eating one of her treats. So far, this has been very effective!

I think I am going to begin brainstorming a different plan for next you think I could convince them to 'trade' trick or treating for a trip to Build-A-Bear?? Hmmmm.....


Caroline said...

This sounds like an exhausting day huh?! But they look so darn cute ... on the photo, but knowing my kids I can relate to all the trouble :-)