Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

Just a bee sting...

"What would have to change in your life for you to experience more times of 'treasuring' your blessings, of 'meditating' on the goodness and greatness of God?" - Beth Moore - Jesus, 90 days with the One and Only

This is from my devotions today and isn't it just like God to have you studying things that say the perfect thing at the perfect time? I have been struggling with some minor adversity in my life recently and when things like this happen I try to reflect on the purpose it serves. What I have been thinking about lately is how going through painful situations usually leads in one of two directions. You can choose to ask 'why' and feel sorry for yourself, or you can choose to ask 'why' and 'what can I learn from this?'.

I have chose to ask 'what can I learn from this?'. In doing so, it has made me realize how blessed I am. It has made me see that even when things are bad, God is good. It has encouraged me to reassess what my priorities in life should be. Going through my own trials and frustrations has also given me increased empathy and compassion for those around me facing much bigger mountains. God has shown me that my trials are just really a bee sting, not an arm amputation. It still stings, but I need to keep it in perspective.

Thank you God, for helping me to keep things in perspective and for reminding me of my blessings!


Shalae said...

Such a great thought Christy. It's so funny how sometimes we think we've had the amputation only after finally sitting, reflexing and realizing all we do have, we realize it really is only a bee sting! I hope your doing well.I miss seeing you around!

Janine said...

Well said Christy!

A friend of mine recently (yesterday) had three words tattooed across his chest... "Strength Through Struggle". I believe those words to be true...not that I would ever ask for struggles, but it is through those times, and coming out of them, that strength is produced.
Remember...Romans 5:3-5 :)

Bless you!

Gloria said...

I love how God holds up His end of the deal...never leaves us nor forsakes us and His promises are so Great! I saw the hands of God the day I had a wasp sting me...anaphlaxis set in big time. I saw the world from outside my body that day and I didn't think I'd return but, Jesus scooped me up in His big hands and set me back. That day will never be forgotten! It is good to know he doesn't give us more than we can handle...some day's it isn't clear to me but, I trust He knows! He's got you covered, as well!!

Karen Chandler said...

I really appreciated your thoughts today. When I'm going through difficult times, it always helps to keep things in perspective. Better days are just around the corner. And your friends will be supporting you all the way!

Wendee Pease said...

Beautifully said Christy!