Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

100th Day

Today marked the 100th day of school for Regan. Each year, her classes do something fun to mark the occasion. This year, they were given the freedom to bring in or wear 100 of 'something' and were told to be creative. Since we have been working on photography stuff together, I thought it would be fun to do 100 photos. Regan loved the idea too. Together we snapped close-ups of 100 things around our home and I made this page for her to bring to school. We had a great time with it!! How many can you guess??

a1 - Markers a2 - dog treats a3 - Wii Console a4 - Craft Paint a5 - Flu bug (from art class) a6 - Lime a7 - Oven thermometer a8 - carton of eggs 
a9 - School folder a10 - Quaker oatmeal

b1 - State of Michigan quarter b2 - Telelphone cord b3 - Awana award ribbon b4 - House thermostat
b5 - Boo boo the bear’s nose b6 - Cheerios b7 - computer keyboard b8 - Pens and markers b9 - squishy animals
b10 - Wii Remote

c1 - DumDum Suckers c2 - Cookie jar c3 - Pillow Pet c4 - My Backpack c5 - Journal/diary c6 - Nativity Set
c7 - Sage blowing up a balloon c8 - coffee cup c9 - paper snowflake c10 - Snow Ice Cream 

d1 - Faucet d2 - Leaf d3 - Sage eating an icicle d4 - Telephone d5 - door handles  d6 - Photo or Scrapbook album d7 - Pinewood derby car kit  d8 - CD player d9 - Outdoor Adventure mat for Wii d10 -fireplace vent

e1 - feather e2- Scruffie, stuffed dog e3 - Tumtum and Nutmeg library book e4 - digital photo frame e5 - Piano Keys e6 - Pipe Cleaners e7 - Angel Ornament e8 - Orange e9 - Pencil e10 - Blender

f1 - refridgerator f2 - Jingle bell pens f3 - Valentine person f4 - zipper f5 - Liquid Hand Soap f6 - Candle
f7 - Antique telephone bell f8 - flushable wet wipes f9 - Toilet paper f10 - wood flooring

g1 - Painting/artwork g2 - fur covered journal  g3 - food in the pantry g4 - lightswitch g5 - computer mouse
g6 - Rainbow Magic Fairy book g7 - fresh chicken eggs g8 - Kitchen Cabinets g9 - winter boots
g10 - Nuthatch eaiting bird food

h1 - Silly straw h2 - bowling ball  h3 - q-tips h4 - Lincoln logs h5 - Winter Wipeout h6 - Chocolate cookies h7 - Netflix movie h8 - Dead flower  h9 - burner on stove h10 - Pineapple 

i1 - Regan’s Eye i2 - Sage’s Eye i3 - Mommy’s eye i4 - Marley’s Eye i5 - duck  i6 - Chicken eye i7 - Microwave
i8 - silverware i9 - Penny Pony i10 - Afghan/blanket

j1 - bananas j2 - Tufted Titmouse j3 - lunch, apples and milk j4 - honey j5 - Brownie bites j6 - My sweatshirt
 j7 - carpet j8 - Word World j9 - my socks j10 - wood post, reflected in mirror