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Mommy Sick Days

I guess if I have to have sick days, I am thankful when they fall on a weekend. I am so grateful for my dear husband who steps in and takes over, without complaint, and encourages me to get the rest I need to be ready to go again come Monday.

He started the weekend with some sweet treats for his girls from a local bakery/restaurant.

And something for mommy too, of course.

And he was just as great the rest of the weekend too. He did my Sam's club shopping for me - including ordering a birthday cake for Sage's party. He kept us all wonderfully fed with things like Rotisserie chicken salad for dinner and baked apple french toast breakfast. The snow and weather finally provided the perfect conditions for him to start an igloo with the girls, something they have been looking forward to.

And I'm sure there were countless other things he tended to while I enjoyed some much needed downtime, including a 3 hour nap this morning.

I did manage to accomplish a couple small tasks over the weekend, one of them being Regan's valentines. The last two years we have made our own using my scrapbooking stash. Knowing that we had a lot going on right now, I had actually purchased some Valentine's Fun Dip candy for her to write the kid's names on - hoping we could skip the part of making our own. Well, she really wanted to make our own again. I could not find last years on my computer, but luckily I found some freebies from Persnickety Prints, and she liked them (not that she really had a choice!).

One of the reasons I 'think' she likes doing them with me on the computer is that she doesn't have to write them all out! LOL! (smart kid!!) In the past, I have had her write her name and then scanned it and printed it on the cards. Being zapped from my cold left me less ambitious this year.  As we scrolled through the font choices in Photoshop, she spied some cursive ones and let me know that was what she wanted. They are learning their cursive letters in school right now, so I think she found it pretty cool that her cards could be signed in 'cursive'. :)

The Fun Dip fit perfectly inside, secured with a staple to prevent it from falling out.

As today drew to a close, I noticed the backyard was glowing with a pinkish orange color. Regan and I quickly grabbed our cameras to capture a shot of God's beautiful, but brief, painting in the sky.


karenchandler said...

Oohh, so sorry that you have been sick this weekend! Glad Paul was taking over for you and providing treats for everyone! Love the photos of the girls and the colorful sunset.