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New food love

I am always on the look out for new, healthy, low-sugar food options for our family. One thing the girls and I are enjoying right now is freeze dried fruit. It is a fun, crunchy, sweet/tart snack to eat just plain. The girls have also been enjoying some on their cheerios in the morning. When they ask for a piece of candy after dinner, I tell them they can have some of this fruit and I don't usually hear too many complaints. :)

This is our second order from  North Bay Trading. They also carry some soup mixes that I thought looked delicious, so I ordered a few of those too!


Cherise Oleson said...

I agree! Freeze-dried strawberries are yummy!

Shalae said...

Thanks for the link. What size are the bags of fruit you had in the picture. I was looking at the site, and it looks like they have some great ones to try.