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Daily life

There always seems to be interesting and creative things brewing at our house. This week, Regan came up with the idea to make a hat for a stuffed animal...using one of her socks.

The girls decided it looked like a a sombrero and decided to pull Sage's entire sock drawer and create more sombreros for the rest of their animals. This entertained them for a while, although most of the sock sombreros never found animal heads to occupy. They stayed, as shown here, on the living room floor for three days until Mommy finally requested that they be taken care of. :)

Yesterday at BSF, I helped in Sage's classroom. One of their opening activities was to have themselves traced. The kids could them color themselves as desired. Sage spent quite a bit of time carefully coloring her traced person. She was most proud of the nail polish she put on 'her' fingers.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Regan found some paper at home and convinced Sage to lay on the craft table so she could trace her. 

Isn't daily life grand? :D


karenchandler said...

How fun that the girls are both interested in creating art projects! They are doing a great job and will love seeing the photos of their progress as they grow.

Caroline said...

Wonderful memories. Gotta love those sombreros lol and I so totally relate about asking after a few days for things to be put back in order. Seems to be a kid's thing all over the world. Sage lying on the table makes me smile!