Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

Doggy Ears...

The good thing about having young kids in the house is the laughter they bring. They force an old fuddy duddy like me to come out of their shell and let loose. The neat thing is, the more you let loose, the more they laugh and the more fun you have together. For Regan, the sillier, the better.

She is not one to have her hair done up very often. If you do get something in it, it doesn't usually stay put. Most days, that's OK because fussing with hair is just one more thing to do before getting out the door. Sometimes, though, it is fun to just play with and stroke their soft, fine hair. I tend to do this when Regan is sitting on my lap. It usually drives her crazy.

Today, I bartered book reading for the privilege of playing with her hair. I convinced her to let me put in 'doggy ears', as opposed to the traditional 'pony tails'. She thought that was hilarious and let me do my thing. After giggling in the mirror at her new look, she thought it would be a great idea for mommy to have doggy ears too!

After making funny faces together in the mirror, I hauled out the camera to preserve a few of these precious memories. So, I guess I got my mini-makeover after all!

To end our day, we all took a trip to the Whippi Dip for some ice cream. Regan likes this place because they just put in a wonderful new play set. After finishing our ice cream, both girls enjoyed the swings and slides. Sage even managed to climb the tower several times, to make her way down the slide. It isn't exactly designed for a 16-month old to climb, but she managed with mom and dad as a safety net. Mommy never knew which end was going to shoot out of the tube slide first, but there was always a smile on her face!

The night ended abruptly after Regans attempt to play Super-Girl on the swing ended in a face plant in the dirt. She is usually a pretty tough girl who can shake almost anything off. Tonight, she was pretty shook up though. She has some pretty good road rash on her face. I knew this was a dandy when she was asking for scruffie when we got home.

Scruffie has always been her favorite animal, ever since receiving it on her 1st birthday, but it has been a long time since Scruffie has been her 'security blanket'. However, this was the second time Scruffie served that purpose this week.The first time was earlier in the week when a lack of communication between Paul and I resulted in Regan being alone in the house for about 20 minutes while Paul was mowing the lawn. I came home from a short bike ride with Sage to find a very distraught 4-year old, clinging to her Scr