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Imagination Station

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day in Michigan, so we decided to hop on the bikes and head to Grand Haven. Paul had a hankering for some Butch's Beach Burritos. After dinner we headed over to the Imagination Station by the local YMCA. It is a beautiful place for the kids to play.

Sage continues to want to do every thing big sister is doing. She shows her temper when she is not allowed to copy 'naynay'. She still had a ball and was filthy from head to toe by the time we left.

We weren't sure if Regan would make it both ways on her trail-a-bike, so we put Sage in the double Burley, just in case sister needed a ride on the way home. Regan made it both ways, but was pretty tired out by the end. After a quick stop at Mima's, she had enough energy for our 'race' home against daddy though.

If I could figure out how to channel the energy that comes from her lips down to her pedaling legs, I would have an easy ride!!


Crissa said...

Sounds like fun -- Harrison and Miranda loved the Imagination Station.

Christy, I love your pictorial capture of the day! I just started playing around with digital scrapbooking...let's just say I have a long way to go. ;)