Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8

It's MAY!!

It's May, and I think Spring is finally here to stay! I am also noticing that I desperately need to change my header! :)

Sunday was a 'milestone' moment for Regan, as she lost her first tooth! I have to say, I wasn't quite ready for this yet! She is on the early end of kids loosing teeth. She told me a couple of weeks ago that it was loose and I didn't believe her! Had to check for myself, and, sure enough, it was loose. It finally came out Sunday morning. She didn't even notice it came out, until Paul pointed it out. We have no idea where it went or if she swallowed it.

A visit to the dentist yesterday went well for her. She was actually excited to go. Something to do with watching cartoons, getting stickers and a new toothbrush. Can you tell we haven't had any cavities yet? I hope that continues for her. I was also informed that she has 4 more loose teeth. Looks like this will be the summer of the toothless grin! (the tooth fairy has not come yet...she's not asking about it, so mommy isn't worrying about it...for now!!)

Sage is just too stinking cute for her own good! She is a typical two year old, complete with the attitude and meltdowns to go with it. We just laugh and call her which she usually responds with a laugh. I have also starting putting her in the chair for a 'time out' until she stops crying. For now, this is very effective. In about 10 seconds, she stops and tells me 'all done cryin'. Last night was a milestone for her too, as we said bedtime prayers. We usually read a devotional and then one of the girls says 'Now I Lay me' prayer and the other 'Thank You Jesus' prayers. Regan has been dominating the 'Now I lay me's' leaving Sage with the 'Thank you's'. Up until last night, the thank you prayer usually went some like this: 'Kank ou, Jesus' (for) 'kitty food' (and) 'Cloe's house' (and...what else) 'don't know' (Daddy) 'Daddy' on down through the family. Kitty food is her response to our leading her to say thank you for the food. Cloe is the dog who lives outside at our old duplex. So 'Cloe's house' is her response to us leading her to say thank-you for our house. Try keeping a straight face during those responses every night!! :) Well, last night, her prayer was 'Kank ou, Jesus' (for) 'play outside' (and) 'car' (and....Daddy) 'Daddy', etc. It was the first time she thought about something in her own day that she was thankful for. She had played outside with Regan and Daddy and rode in the electric car. It's one of those rare parenting moments when you think maybe, just maybe, you are doing something right!! :)

This week was bittersweet for me. My mom's group that I have been leading has come to an end. We had a wonderful brunch and fellowship on Tuesday. I had been processing and praying about whether I was going to return as the leader in the fall. I had reached a decision to do it for another year. Shortly after, the girl from the Church who started the group contacted me to let me know they were going to seek someone from the church to lead it. They are going to combine with a small group of older ladies. It wasn't anything to do with my leadership, just a decision that the leader should come from within the home church. I can understand their perspective, but it still makes me sad. I know God has something else planned for me, now to just figure out what!!

Paul is doing well, but still working 6 days a week. He will have Memorial Day weekend off and every other saturday off during the summer. That will be a nice change for us and hopefully some opportunities for some more family time. We are going to a Tigers game Memorial day weekend, so that should be fun and interesting, with a 2 and 4 year old!! :)

Well, if you are reading this, then you are someone who is special to us and we hope and pray life is filling you with blessings!!


Michael said...

Wow -- on Regan's lost tooth. I thought my children were early losers (both lost their first shortly after turning 5). Now my kids are so old: Harrison lost his last tooth last fall and Miranda has a couple of lose molars.

I'm glad your women's group ended on a good note. I'm sorry you're sad about the end to leading it. But, I agree -- God has something else in mind for you.

Glad to hear all else is going well at your house.

See you next week.

Crissa said...

Oops, I was signed in as my hubby in that previous post. :)