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A Quiet night...

Our big kid is at a friends house for the night (no school tomorrow), so it seemed a little quiet around here tonight! Not that I am complaining!! lol!! Sage seems to enjoy a little undivided attention too.

After a rough week last week, Sage's temperament seems a little more 'normal' this week. Normal, meaning only part of the day is spent whining and crying vs. the majority of the day. Last Tuesday, we had one of those 'yes, that is my child having the all out, kicking, screaming, fits' at the pool when it was time to leave. Of course, everything echoes and carries quite nicely in there too. Her 'pool privileges' were revoked the next night and that has seemed to have made some impact. Before we even got home from the pool, she had processed the consequences enough to ask 'who is going to stay home with me?'.

I am so thankful that her joy and smile are absolutely contagious when she is in a good mood, because it at least makes these moments bearable.

Regan had a birthday party last weekend for her friend Eden. The girls have known each other for over 4 years now. It's hard to believe they are both 5!! The party started with sledding at one of the local hills. We had a pretty good time, despite some cold temps and wind chills. I was reminded how much my daughter dislikes the sight of blood when one of the other party-go-ers was 'taken out' while coming back up the hill. She landed on her face and split her lip open. Regan proceeded to hide behind me and wasn't sure if she was going to continue sledding. After I explained to her why the accident happened (the little girl was walking up the sledding path, instead of the walking path), she went back to sledding (and walking up the right path) and had a fun time.

We have been fortunate, so far, to avoid any major illnesses around here. There seems to be a lot of strep throat going around and all the other fun winter 'stuff'. Hopefully we can remain healthy!!

Hope your week is blessed!


Launa said...

Sounds like fun! I haven't been sledding in ages! I guess you need snow for that! LOL!! Hoping that the "attitude" stage is over soon.....we go through those every once in a while around here too....especially with a 14 year old! Have a great weekend!


D said...

What a blessing for you - I think that we are all about to be sick. We have a winter blast heading our way - but I don't think we'll be sledding - LOL!

Ladybug hugs,