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What's up?

So, what's up with us? I guess I haven't felt there is too much excitement to blog about! We have been thoroughly enjoying our membership at the aquatic center. The girls love the 'activity center' (child care), which gives Paul and I a nice time to be able to go and workout a couple nights a week. The pool has been a riot with them too. Regan is big enough, and now brave enough, to go on the water slide. She spends most of her time in the pool with no swimmies or flotation devices. She is learning to swim pretty well. She still grabs a kick board for the lazy river, which is the only area over her head.

Sage has conquered any fear of water that remained a couple of weeks ago! She loves hopping across the lily pads, but even more so, loves to jump in and swim back 'all by herself' (with a float suit on). Tonight, she really took to the lazy river too. Now that she knows she can trust the float suit, she has a lot of confidence and doesn't want any help. She was a riot to watch. This 'lazy' river is different than the others I have seen. You don't float on a tube, you just float, swim, walk, whatever in a circle area that has jets moving the water around. Every time she got near a jet and it would shoot her forward she would just squeal with delight. Paul had to finally drag her out of that area, kicking and screaming, because she was gagging from all the water she ingested. She has a hard time keeping her mouth closed and the water out...mostly because her grin is too big and she keeps trying to talk!!

I am still enjoying my vita-mix. Homemade pizza is a hit and Paul's new favorite? Guacamole! I have also made a couple of batches of soup. The first one, a creamy potato, needs some spice revision. The second one, broccoli cheese was great! Even Paul said I could make it anytime and for a man who loathes vegetables, that's pretty good!


Launa said...

Wow, the aquatic center sounds fabulous! I wish we had something like that around here! My girls and I love the water!