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My Baby is Three!

Well, somehow my little baby has turned three today! We had some fun conversations today while Regan was at school. I thought I would try my hand at posting them here!!

We celebrated on Saturday with our friends, the Kosters. Nothing fancy. Dinner and cake and ice cream. I took the girls to Sam's Club in the morning and let Sage pick her cake from the pre-made ones. She found a cute valentine's arrangement of a 5" cake and 10 cupcakes. The key selling point...each cupcake had a heart ring on it! Before we even left the store, the girls had deliberated who was getting what, depending on whether 'the boys' (AJ and Cam) wanted any!! lol!!

We then went to ToysRUs for a birthday crown, balloon and token for a free meal at Texas Roadhouse. Found a few bargains in the clearance stuff and picked up Outdoor Challenge for the Wii. We have been having a great time with the new Wii game. I has a mat that you put on the floor and you have to run, jump, paddle, etc, depending on what sport you are doing. Regan and I have aching calves!!

Today, we aren't doing anything fancy. I gave Sage a couple of small gifts this morning. Otherwise, it has been a pretty typical day. I am thankful she isn't old enough to expect anything too elaborate, as a cold has left my head throbbing and my energy pretty zapped for the last week! The girls haven't minded, as it has meant lots of TV time for them. They are currently watching 'Fraggle Rock' episodes that I bought Sage for her birthday. Brings back some childhood memories! :)


Launa said...

Happy Birthday Sage! I hope you have a blessed birthday! Sounds like your having fun! :D

Crissa said...

Happy Birthday, Sage! We Love You! (from Harrison, Miranda, Aunt Crissa and Uncle Mike)

We enjoyed our visit last week! Thanks for sharing your video clip with us today -- had I not talked with Sage last week, I would have been blown away by how well she communicates!

ScrapGirls Ro said...

What a cutie, Christi! Happy Birthday to Sage!

Laurel said...

Oh my goodness, Christy, I hadn't seen this! Sage is too adorable -- her and Eli would get along swimmingly. :) Tell her Happy Birthday from me and her destined-to-be friend Eli. :)