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My Little Seamstress

A couple of the blogs I follow have been showing some hand embroidery projects and I was inspired to maybe give it try myself. I used to do a little bit of it when I was young, but have not tried anything in a long time. I was even encouraged by Shalae's post to maybe let Regan try her hand at it. When I found this book, unused, at our second hand toy store for $7, I was left without excuses!!

I had been working on a small project, teaching myself the 'chain' stitch (the M on the sample). Regan kept admiring it everytime she would see it. Finally, last night, I asked her if she would like to try sewing. Her eyes lit up! She even opted to skip out on watching 'Open Season' with Daddy and Sage, to keep sewing.

I drew the star out first and then knotted the thread and put it through the needle for her. I held the hoop and would flip it back and forth for her while she 'sewed'. I explained to her how you want to try and keep your stitches kind of small and sort of the same size. After she finished the star, she didn't want to stop! The triangle and rectangle she did completely on her own. I helped with the knotting and threading the needle, but she did the rest all herself!

When we do our devotions at night, we always ask the girls their favorite part of the day. Regan said hers was sewing. I think she has inherited some genes that have been passed down through many generations! ;)


Shalae said...

Yeah! Isn't it so fun to see them do it and to watch them have this feeling of accomplishment when they are done! She did a great job! Hopefully we'll get to see more from you too. :)

Laurel said...

Oh wow, that's so cute! What a great hobby to share with her. Can't wait to see what else you create! :)

Launa said...

How fun! She did an awesome job, she's a natural! So cool that you have found something to do together that you both enjoy! And you can learn together ;) I can't wait to see one of your projects! :D


Mandy said...

Love it. My kids are doing this too. Can't wait to see more of what you guys do together.