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Another great Sunday

It was a gorgeous, but cold, sunny Sunday today. After feeding our souls at morning worship and feeding our bellies with some lunch, Paul and the girls headed outside. After finishing some outside chores, Paul spent some time with Regan and built a snow tunnel through the mound of snow in the front yard. (Sage was inside thawing out a bit.)

After a bit of warming up inside, the girls and Marley headed back out to play. I'm not sure who was having the most fun in the tunnel...



...or Regan.

And every day outside in the snow means a quest for icicles.

The girls have even started looking at homes and buildings as we drive through town, discussing what they would do if they could get their hands on some of the HUGE ones they spy out the car window.

The snow tunnel joy came crashing down temporarily, after Sage (aka - Destructo) crashed one of the entrances. Not willing to be done with the fun, Regan set out to re-dig the opening.

Marley is always up for a game of snow soccer.

 And the late afternoon sun was actually bright enough to cause a bit of squinting. A rare occurrence during the Michigan winters.

After dinner, Daddy watched the rest of the Packers-Bears playoff game. Then we all watched 'UP' via Netflix. While we waited for the game to finish, the girls and I bided our  time by making cake mix cookies.

I had a triple chocolate cake mix and Sage chose mint and dark chocolate chips for the mix-in. YUMMY!

At one point in the movie, Russell was talking about sitting on a curb, eating ice cream with his dad and counting red and blue cars as they went by. He says to Mr. Fredricksen saying 'I like that curb. It might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.'

It's the 'boring', little things they remember the most, isn't it? A lesson Mr. Fredricksen and I both are learning. :)


karenchandler said...

Looks like a fun day for everyone! Your photos are wonderful, Christy!