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I'm a Bag Lady

I've never been much of a purse person, but I do love a great bag! My current everyday bag is this great backpack/sling that I picked up on vacation last summer. It has lots of outside pockets for holding the things I need easy access to - wallet, phone, pen, etc., as well as a nice big main compartment. The main compartment has been home to many things, including my camera, changes of clothes for Sage, snacks for hiking on vacation, Bible and notebook for BSF, and most recently, a place to safely store hats and mittens  when we reach our destinations.

So, what about you? Are you a bag lady? Or do you love a great purse?


C said...

I've gone through phases. If I carry anything with me, it's a quilted purse that my mom made for me. It has a few pockets for organizing, and a large center area that can hold lots of things.