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Beautiful Bottles

My normal trip into Hobby Lobby involves making a straight dash to the back of the store to find some sort of craft supplies for the girls. This usually suits me just fine, as I am not really drawn to the home decor stuff. I appreciate it, am inspired by it and enjoy looking at it, but rarely see something as a 'must have' for my own home. 

When I passed these colored bottles a couple of weeks ago, they just seemed to shout 'HAPPY'! I thought they were so fun and bright and cheery. I knew they would eventually go on sale and if I found a suitable purpose for them, figured I would buy some then. 

This week, I had an idea to use them for a new 'reward' system that has been much needed in our home. I checked the online add, and sure enough they were on sale this week! So, Sage and I headed over and picked up 15 of them in various sizes and colors.

The reward system works like this. The bottles are lined up in one long row on our dining room table. In the center, the largest bottle/vase. On each side, seven various size smaller bottles.

The bottles on one side are Sage's and on the other are Regan's. (There was a whole lot of exchanging and bartering going on yesterday before they were arranged in their final manner! I guess the girls like the pretty bottles as much as mommy does!)

Each bottle represents a day of the week. In each bottle are crystals, each representing 5 minutes of Ipad time. (The girls are highly motivated by the new family toy). Weekdays have 30 minutes total, weekends 60 minutes.

If the girls are caught doing something good or do some extra chores, they can earn extra crystals. If they make bad choices or are disrespectful, they lose crystals. 

Just like any of our systems, I am sure this one will have it's season of effectiveness. Until then, I will enjoy the beautiful bottles that adorn my dining room table. They sure beat the recycled peanut butter jars we have used in the past!!


Elisha said...

I'm a sucker for these as well. What a beautiful idea!