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Skillet Meal

Some time ago, a friend of mine taught me to make a simple side dish that my family loves. You peel and cube sweet potatoes and saute them in olive oil along with some diced onions. Once cooked, sprinkle with cheddar cheese and let it melt before serving. Our whole family enjoys this side dish, including my non-sweet potato-eating husband. There was a period of about a year when Regan would tell you her favorite meal was sweet potatoes and venison. 

Sometimes, I like to turn this side dish into a simple skillet meal by adding some sliced sausage. Tonight, I used skinless Turkey Smoked Sausage. Another favorite of Paul and I's (not the girls so much) is the Spinach Asiago Chicken Sausage available at Sam's Club.

I haven't had much luck doing the sausage and potatoes in one pan, as one or the other seems to always get overcooked. So, I do them in separate pans, then combine before adding the cheese on top.
Bon Appetite!


karenchandler said...

Great photos, Christy! I usually make baked sweet potatoes, so the side dish version would be a nice change for us!