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Leprechaun Hunt and Pinewood Derby

After St. Patrick's Day on Thursday, Regan was quite determined to convince her sister that Leprechauns are real. Before school, she planted a red feather (???) on the front porch and told Sage a story about how leprechauns had left it there. Sage was adamant that she did not believe Regan and the leprechauns were not real.

Once Regan was at school, and safely out of earshot, Sage mentioned a couple of times that we should go exploring for clues or signs of Leprechauns. It was a beautiful day outside, so I was pretty much without excuse and we headed out. 

We went for a walk in the woods. Neither of us were quite sure what exactly we were looking for, but had a nice time being outside. :)

Today was Pinewood Derby race day!

Now, if you are especially observant, you will realize this is a different car from my previous post. The first car had an unfortunate epoxy incident that rendered it immobile. Daddy persevered, despite the setback, and produced a second car, from scratch, this week.

Regan, and Daddy, were both pretty excited with an 8th place finish (out of 31 cars). Regan's car took one third, one second and two first place finishes in her four races. And, most important of all, they both had a lot of fun. Daddy came home already talking about plans for next years car. :)


Caroline said...

Love this whole post Christy. The leprechaun story makes me smile and yay for the 8th position :)