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Sage the Author

Today, I thought it would be fun to write a story with Sage and make a book out of it. I didn't have any great ideas to get us started so, I googled 'Story Starters for kids'. The first site up was "Free Illustrated Story Starters from the Young Writers Workshop"

After browsing a few of the choices, Sage picked "Who's in my house" which started with "Someone was in the dog house and it wasn't the dog".

After we finished writing the story, I typed it up and printed it out. We also used Puppy Breath Collection (by Angie Briggs) and Kitty collection (by Marnie Adams), from my scrapbooking supplies, to create and print illustrations for each page. Sage and I cut apart the words and illustrations and glued them to some green (her choice) cardstock to create a finished book.

Rosie Meets Some Cats

Someone's in the dog house and it isn't the dog.
Rosie noticed something different about her doghouse.
Outside of her doghouse she saw a cat.
Rosie tried to slowly sneak up behind the cat to see what it was doing.
As she got closer, she accidentally bumped into her doghouse and scared the cat away.
But, Rosie could still hear strange noises inside the doghouse.
Rosie quietly peeked inside the doghouse and found another cat!
The cat was chewing on Rosie's bone!
The cat does not notice Rosie watching and gets a drink of water.
She also takes a bite of catfood. Catfood!?
Rosie wonders why there is now cat food in her doghouse?
Rosie sneaks into the doghouse and BARKS!
The cat jumps up with wide eyes and claws spread, then runs out of the doghouse.
Rosie is happy to have her house back. 
She finishes her food and her water and her bone...and the cat food too.

It was fun to work through the story lines with her, giving her prompts and seeing what she would come up with. I especially love her details about the cats response to Rosie's bark! I said to her, 'what did the cat do when Rosie barked' and Sage opened her eyes wide and spread out all her fingers and said 'she jumped with wide eyes and paws like this!'. :)

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Shalae said...

What a great idea Christy! I love it!

karenchandler said...

LOL - What a cute story! I would like to read more about the adventures of Rosie!