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As much as I enjoy finding my own inspiration for creative ventures, I think it is even more exciting to watch the girls when they are inspired.

This week, our local garden club had it's annual show at the library. Each year, they host an event where a limited amount of kids can come and make an entry for the youth part of the show. The garden club provides a theme and supplies for the kids to do their projects.

This years theme was 'Under the Big Top' - a circus theme. Instead of flowers for the kids to arrange, they had fruits and vegetables. The kids were asked to create circus themed animals or characters from them.

Sage's event was in first, in the morning. Regan helped Sage decide on a horse and helped her pick out the main body parts to make it. I had to help quite a bit with assembly, as it was hard to get toothpicks into the sweet potato body! :D We all worked together to give the horse a fancy 'blanket' on it's back. The girls were quite thrilled with the finished product!

Regan's session didn't start until after lunch. While we were home, she came up with her own plan for making a dancing dog, with a tutu, balancing balls on it's nose and paper umbrellas in it's hands. She even drew it on paper to show me! :) When we went back to the library to make hers, she got right to work making her cute little dog. She planned and assembled most of it herself, but needed a little help getting toothpicks into the sweet potato too. We worked together to make a trapeze and a set of juggling balls to finish her fine pup!

On Thursday, the girls were beyond thrilled to find out they had both won 'Best of Show' for their respective divisions! They even got to have their picture taken with all the other winners and it was in yesterdays local newspaper.

While we were at the library for the photo, the girls thoroughly enjoyed looking around at the rest of the flower show. They especially enjoyed all the cut flowers and both inquired about entering some of our own sometime.

Today, Regan found some really pretty lilies of some sort along our bike path. The girls each picked one to take home. They were tickled pink when I told them they could make their own 'flower show' using our colorful bottles and flowers from our yard and landscaping. I gave them a pair of scissors and let them go to town. When they were finished, they had made a beautiful display to adorn our dining room table.

How can all that color not bring JOY to the room?


Home Cooking Memories said...

Congratulations to them! And their flower show on the table is beautiful!

Janine said...

Way to go girls! I love their creations and their "flower show" is amazing!

Almost (almost) makes me wish I had little girls at home.

Instead, I get skateboard decks hanging on the walls. Not so pretty but reflective of personality. :)

Enjoy the beauty the girls create!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the girls on their wins! And I absolutely love the table display!!