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Lost Tooth

A couple months ago, I was thinking about the fact that Sage had not lost any teeth yet (she turned five in February). Regan lost her first tooth before even turning five. The strange thing was, even though Regan lost her first tooth so early, it didn't seem, to me, like Sage was old enough to lose any yet? Well, I guess she is officially old enough.

Saturday, Sage complained that her front teeth hurt when she was eating carrots. I suggested that she may be getting a loose tooth. Sure enough, by bed time, she could wiggle one tooth a bit. On Sunday, she talked about and fussed with that loose tooth all day. Shortly before bed, she announced 'I pulled my tooth out Mommy!'. I was quite surprised that she worked it out that quickly!


There is something about a toothless grin that is beyond adorable. :)


sunnie2004 said...

I couldn't agree more Christy!! Adorable grins toofless and all!!

Janine said...

Adorable perfection!