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Making slime

Sometimes it can be hard to keep coming up with things to do with the kids. But, I am slowly learning that often it only requires paying attention to what they are saying and being willing to say yes.

Regan came home from school last week asking if we could make 'slime' at home. It was something they made at school with some 'corn stuff' and water know how the explanation goes.

She came home the next day and let me know that their slime at school had flopped, but they were going to try again later.

Today, she came home with a blue blob of slime. It was very similar to the 'flart' putty that was in their stockings (which they loved!).

And this time, she had the actual 'recipe'. :)

Well, who am I to squash the joy that was evident in Regan's eyes and voice as she once again asked if we could make slime.

It took us a bit to get the recipe quite right and our batch was definitely a bit stickier than the one from school. It was slimy enough to splatter and get stuck to clothes and hair and required a bath and laundry when we were done.

But, the giggles and laughs were well worth the effort.


karenchandler said...

Looks like fun! The girls will have happy memories of the day they made slime!